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Knitting in Antarctica Hat Patterns

Lynn Hamann and Christine Powell met at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, home of the world's southernmost 'Stitch & Bitch club. 

Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, driest, continent on the planet. The brave knitters here know how to knit good-looking, functional, wool hats that everyone loves and wants to wear. They bring their yarn and knitting as well as their knitting patterns or make up their own designs. They show each other what they know. This book is full of original designs for knitting with charts and written patterns.

A Beautiful Book

People are raving about this book! It's 160 full-color pages with photos taken on-location in Antarctica by award-winning photographer, Anthony Powell.  Coworkers modeled the hand knitted hats. 

28 of our most popular hat designs are featured, including beanies, toques, slouch hats, hooded scarf, flap hats and more. Pattern instructions are clear and well-written, appealing to a variety of skill levels. 

Among the patterns are fascinating stories of what it is like to live in Antarctica. 

The book makes the absolute perfect gift for the knitter in your life, and that knitter just may be you! 


Lynn and Christine made this book a reality even though Lynn resides in the United States and Christine lives in New Zealand. From conception to finished book, this project took almost ten years. Many test knitters and scores of volunteers helped make it all happen.  

Lynn and Christine are humbled by all the support and so thankful to everyone. Special thanks go out to their technical editor, Edie Eckman and their husbands, Tom Hamann and Anthony Powell.


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